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by Gary Beckwith

Your action is needed.

Even if Bush gets inaugurated, which has yet to be seen, Election Fraud is the most important issue we face as a nation. Nothing else matters if our vote doesn't count.

Diebold has to go. ESS has to go. We need open elections. If there are going to be electronic voting machines, there needs to be a paper printout of every ballot, and the source code for the machines needs to be open to public scrutiny.

None of the other issues - whether you want to talk about equal rights, the economy, health care, the environment, energy, the war, ... none of those things matter at all if our votes don't count.

NOW is a crucial time to raise awareness of the issue. The election is still in people's minds. That is why we must push for recounts, investigations, protests, and we must spread the word.

It may take time for all the evidence to come out. But for now, inauguration day has not happened yet, so we must push in every way we can to make people aware, do the recounts, support the lawsuits, etc.

Even in the unlikely but hopeful event that Kerry does pull out a miracle, this issue is still not resolved until Diebold is out of the vote machine business.

All the newspapers say that the "blogosphere" started this movement. Well if we started it, we certainly aren't going to let someone else say when it's over. This thing they call the blogosphere is actually just the Internet empowering people by giving them (us) a VOICE.

If you are concerned about whether or not your vote counts, I challenge you to do everything listed on this page. Print the page out and cross off every item as you do it. Please check this page often. New items are labeled.

New, Top Action Items

One Senator and one House Representative are required to contest an election prior to inauguration. We have the Representatives. We still need a Senator. Several efforts are underway to let the Senators know how important this is. The most effective thing to do is to personally call, write, fax and email your Senator and use your own words to express your concern. Snail mail to a state district office because of time delay on DC mail. These online tools have been set up as well:

How to contact your Congresspeople

Here is a web page created to help you contact your senators and the minority House Judiciary Committee, all at the same time.

"Declaration of Intent" project to encourage all Senators to contest the Ohio electors.

A petition sent to 13 key Senators to contest the Ohio electors

A petition to encourage Senator Boxer of CA to contest the Ohio electors

A petition to encourage Senator Wyden of OR to contest the Ohio electors

Senator Byrd from W. Virginia is also seen as a potential candidate to contest the electors.

URGENT: Volunteers needed to help with Ohio Recount

YOU can help in Ohio - call voters to help them report on their experiences

Action Alert page on

Spead the word

Call your senators and representatives. Tell them you are very concerned about the electronic voting machines - both the black box voting machines, and the optical scanners, and the results of the election. Ask them to cosign John Conyers' request to the Government Accountability Office calling for an investigation. Demand a verifiable paper trail on all votes for the next election. Call for an investigation of Diebold and ESS, the manufacturers of the equipment.

The best thing to do is to take 5 minutes to look up their phone number and call them on the phone. They usually have a local office and a person there to answer the phone. It also helps to email them.

You can also use this website to express your opinion to John Kerry, the Democratic Party, and the General Accountability Office.

URGENT: Just ONE Senator needed to contest the election results! You are urgently asked to call your Senator and plead with them to join the 13 House Representatives calling for an investigation. If just one Senator joins, some believe this is what is needed to cause the entire election to be brought into question.

Please read this information and call your Senator as soon as possible.

An open discussion about this key issue

A website describing the legal procedures of contesting the election in Congress

Contact the Democratic Party. There's a theory going around that the Democratic Party is strategically being pretty much silent on this until more of the evidence is revealed. Which is going to happen. In the meantime, fill out their feedback form and make sure they know that you are concerned about the electronic voting machines, vote tabulators, and the validity of our elections, current and future.

Go to and post a picture that says "Kerry Didn't Lose, the election was stolen!" and provide a link to this website or any website that has information about the problems with the election.

Download the free Election Fraud poster and put it up all over the place

Watch this video and share it with others [flash animation]

Change your email "signature". Many people have a "signature" that is automatically added to the end of their emails. Consider putting something about this issue into your signature. It's a really good way to spead the word. Here's a suggestion (feel free to use and/or edit it)

The most important issue we face as a nation is election reform. In the 2004 election, nearly 80% of the votes nationwide were counted on machines made by three companies that support the Republican Party, many of which produced no paper trail that could be checked in a recount. A bill was introduced in Congress to outlaw these machines but the Republican Party prevented the bill from coming to a vote. While Democrats today are trying to figure out what they did wrong, and how to change the party for the next election, the real issue is the voting machines and election reform. It is more important that the economy, the war, the environment, health care, taxes, and women's rights. If we do not take back our right to vote and have it counted properly, none of these other issues matter at all and nothing will change. For more information on this important subject see:

Have a Votergate party and watch the Votergate movie

Call/email Jimmy Carter at the Carter Center: or call at (800) 550-3560
Former President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center are considered to be the most experienced in the election process and conducting fair democratic elections - urge him to get involved and investigate possible fraud and the unexplainable discepancies throughout the election involving the computer voting machines, especially in swing states.

It is very important that this story get more coverage in the media and more people become aware of it. Here are some suggestions to make this happen:

  • Use your voice! Call radio talk shows and get the word out. Write a letter to the editor. Tell your family and friends.

  • Conctact Organizations. There are many organizations that could be more active in this issue. For quite some time after the election MoveOn was not involved. It was because of feedback from people like us that MoveOn became more aware of the election "problem," and now MoveOn is getting more and more involved. This needs to happen with many more organzations. Please give feedback to any organization that you belong to, and tell them the importance of Election Fraud and election reform.

  • Use the web. If you are web savvy, go fo it! Get on all the message boards, the chat rooms, and the newsgroups and make this story known! You can link to this page if you want, or pick a few of the articles that you think are the best. If you run a website, post information about what's going on.


Contribute to the recount efforts

Contribute to Black Box


Volunteers are needed for the recount efforts

The Solar Bus website could use a few volunteers to help with some basic computer tasks. Please let me know if you are able to help. email me at (replace the # with a @).


Date Place Main Focus Description
11/29 San Francisco, CA Election Fraud 11:00 a.m. : 900 Front St. KGO TV. 12:00 noon : 1700 Montgomery St. Sen. Boxer's office. Contact, Cheryl Lilienstein 510-527-1761,,,Donald Goldmacher 650-856-0624
12/2 Rochester, NY Election Fraud MASSIVE PROTEST against the media blackout of the STOLEN ELECTION 2004, 5:45pm, Gather at Hall of Justice, Exchange St., March to Democrat and Chronicle Please contact Metro Justice at 585-325-2560.
12/4 Columbus OH Election Fraud 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., Ohio Statehouse, Featured Speaker-Journalist Greg Palast
Info: Rally info Sponsor: CASEohio
12/4 Kansas City, MO Election Fraud 1:00 p.m. 47th & Main, Mill Creek Park by Fountain., No Stolen Elections. Bring signs. Distribute flyers after rally. Contact
12/5 San Diego, CA Election Fraud 1:00 p.m. In front of Horton Plaza 4th and Broadway San Diego CA 92101. RALLY for Open and Truthful Election Results and Reform! Join with other San Diegans and "BE the Media!"Contact: Kathie Gorham 858/382-4318,
12/6 Columbus, Ohio Election Fraud Sit-in, civil disobedience, in front of Secretary of State Blackwell's office
more info:
12/6 Seattle, WA Election Fraud T.E.A. (Total Election Accountability) Party Rally
Monday, December 6, 12:00 Noon 1:30 pm. LOCATION: Victor Steinbrueck Park. By standing in solidarity with Ohioans, Washington State Democrats are conveying a message to the public that Democrats as a party stand unified in our desire for full accountability in the voting process. Details on speakers to be announced. For more information contact: and Forrest Jackson,
12/6 San Francisco, CA Election Fraud 12/6: Emergency Rally to Demand Fair and Accountable Elections and to Support the Ohio recount
12:00 Noon House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 450 Golden Gate Ave., Burton Fed. Bldg. San Francisco, CA 94102
more info
12/11 Washington D.C. Election Fraud Call (561) - 889 - 2165 or email, To participate with the "March on Washington D.C." on Dec.11, 2004.
12/11 New York City Election Fraud "Black Box Tea Party". much more info: click here.
12/11 Kansas City, MO Election Fraud 1:00 p.m. Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. & Broadway (47th & Broadway), JC Nichols Fountain. No Stolen Elections. Bring signs. Distribute flyers after rally. (Contact
12/12 Everywhere Election Fraud On December 12th 2004 at 12 noon, before the steps of your State Capital and the Federal Capital, join with us to protest the theft of our votes and our voting rights in the 2004 election. As citizens, it is our duty to protect those basic rights that insure the survival of our democracy and constitution for present and future generations of Americans.
Info: 51 Capital March
12/13 - 14 Columbus, OH Election Fraud 11:00 A.M. Demonstrations in front of the Ohio Statehouse, corner of Broad and High Streets, Columbus
more info: Volunteers contact 541-343-3353,
12/13 Sacramento, CA Election Fraud Join the nationwide action to defend the recounts and our basic democratic rights, and demand electoral reform! Monday, December 13, 11 AM Meet at the Federal Building, corner of 6th and I Streets, Sacramento, March to the North Steps of the Capital for a 12 Noon Rally/Press Conference. Contact Kevin Greene, 530-756-2853, or see
12/18 New York, NY Election Fraud 2:00 p.m. Washington Square Park, Manhattan. Contact
1/6 Washington DC Election Fraud Summons Your Patriotic Outrage: Come to Washington to Defend Democracy. We Need You in Washington on January 6th. more info here.
1/15 - 1/20 Washington DC Inaguration, Election Fraud A coordinated national network is organizing a non-violent citizen siege to greet the President at his January 20 inauguration. The spokescouncil organizing a framework for resistance currently includes participation by nearly 20 local groups, in addition to groups from NYC, SF, Chicago, Charlotte, Philly, Baltimore, and God knows where else.
Another great site listing protests


Sign the Online Petition for a congressional investigation

Sign the Online Petition for a nationwide revote

This is not really a petition but you should read the Voter Bill of Rights and get connected with


Some people are working to organize a huge boycott, focusing on the election problems, lack of media attention, and the general policies of the Bush administration. If you would like to be involved in helping plan this boycott please contact me (see the contact info on the main page). For example we are deciding what companies to boycott (we are thinking about focusing on sponsors of Rush Limbaugh, Bill Orielly, and other conservative talk shows) and we will need to coordinate with many organizations.

The judge in Ohio basically said that only Kerry can get the recount going before Blackwell runs the clock out. And that's exactly what will happen unless we all speak out now. Here's a one-click page where you can send your personal message on election fraud to the Kerry campaign, the DNC, and the GAO at the same time

Tell Mr. Kerry he must act now to fight for us all by joining in the request for a temporary restraining order for which the groundwork is already done. Please post this link everywhere you can to everyone you know.

Excellent suggestion from Randi Rhodes (Air America Radio) to wear orange ribbons like the one in the image to indicate our fight for our democracy. Orange armbands(?) are what the Ukrainians are wearing to show their protest over their election, so why not do that here? The initial idea came from
(More images available from the website.)
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