From: Jennifer Frigolette, Recount Coordinator, Cuyahoga county, Ohio

Hi. My name is Jennifer Frigolette, and I am the Recount Coordinator for the Green and Libertarian Parties in Cuyahoga County. Our recount is taking place Thursday, December 16th and the Board of Elections at the corner of E. 30th and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

First of all, I am still looking for volunteers to act as witnesses to the recount. There will be over 20,000 ballots to hand recount, and the Cuyahoga County Director wants to get it over with in one day. I am allowed a total of 40 witnesses a time (one per candidate per table) so in three shifts we anticipate the need of over 120 volunteers. If you could send out a notice for anyone interested in observing the recount to email me at, it would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, the Director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Michael Vu, told me in a meeting yesterday that our witnesses/observers will be unable to have recording equipment, but the media will be allowed to stand further back. We need to get the media there! I don't know how closely a local news station will be scrutinizing or recording the workers, but the local progressive media would be better able to document any of this.

I was wondering if you could get the word out that anyone from a media source might be allowed into the recount in Cuyahoga County on Thursday December 16th. I'm sure they would need to contact the Board of Elections to get the final ok, but the more media we can get there, the better.

Thanks, and email me if you have any questions or need more information from me.

Jennifer Frigolette Cuyahoga County Recount Coordinator, Green and Libertarian Parties