As you know (and saw in one of the early scenes of "Fahrenheit 9/11"), the US Congress will either certify or refuse to certify the Electoral College vote during the first week in January. It takes one member of the House and one member of the Senate to challenge the Electoral College. If this occurs, then both houses must conduct a full vote.

There's a movement urging Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia to be that senator. When I spoke to his office this morning, I was told that while calls are coming in, few are from his constituents.

There are at least a few reasons that having Byrd take this on makes sense:

1. Byrd has arguably shown more guts over the past couple of years than anyone else in the US Senate, especially in his opposition to the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act.

2. Byrd is virtually unassailable in his home state.

3. Byrd's home state borders Ohio, which is ground zero in this attempt to challenge the election results.

If you're so moved, please call Senator Byrd's office at 202/224-3954.

Even more importantly, if you know anyone from West Virginia who's willing to do this, please contact them and request that they contact the senator's office asap.


Dan Hamburg
Former US Congressman