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Democracy at Risk:

CNN's Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim Report

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Now THREE complete volumes with 51 episodes

Now THREE Volumes
We hear it all the time -- "If all this is really going on with our election system, why isn't the media talking about it? Surely there are some good reporters out there who would want to expose the problems with electronic voting, if it's as bad as you say."

Well it IS as bad as we say, and some of the "mainstream" media is paying attention. And when people question this, you can hand them a free copy of this DVD and let them see for themselves!

Lou Dobbs does the 6:00 pm new on CNN, primetime on "the most respected name in news." So when they cover a story, it's not by mistake. And when they cover a story over 50 times, they are obviously showing their concern about a very important topic.

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On the Lou Dobbs 6:00 news on CNN, the regular segment "Democracy at Risk" has tenaciously reported on the severe problems with electronic voting - the lack of security, the unacceptable error rate on the machines, and the questionable practices of the private companies who make them.

Lou and co-anchor Kitty Pilgrim deserve a lot of credit for being the some of the only ones in the "mainstream" media for reporting on this. Those of us in the "other" media salute them for helping inform the public on this issue that is vital to our democracy. Their coverage has given more credibility and recognition to our ongoing fight for open and fair elections.

It all begins with awareness. The more people realize that electronic voting systems are threatening our democracy, the sooner we will demand something be done about it. We all just want to have confidence that our votes are being counted properly, and the candidate with the most votes is named the winner. Lou, Kitty, and CNN are showing us clearly: we have reason to not have such confidence currently, and there is much work to be done to restore a transparent and reliable election system in our country.

About the DVD

This DVD is a collection of recordings of "Democracy at Risk," the coverage described above. There are three volumes of the DVD. The first covers 21 episodes from 6/20/2006 to 9/15/2006. The second volume covers 20 episodes from 9/20/2006 to 10/30/2006. The third covers 11 episodes from 10/31/2006 to 1/4/2007

This free DVD is not for sale. Please do not purchase or sell this DVD. Once you receive a copy, please use a DVD burner to make more copies and give them away to as many people as possible.

Now, when people say, "why isn't the media covering this?" you can hand them a copy of this DVD, and simply say, "Watch this. They are."

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Why are we doing this?

Why are we giving away a DVD that is basically free, and took us a lot of time to put together, burn copies, ship, etc...? Because we care about our democracy and we, like many others, are willing to put our own time and money into efforts to restore open and fair elections in our country. We feel that a vital part of the process is public awareness and this DVD is a way we can help educate the public about the problem, because the mainstream media (short of Lou Dobbs) is not doing its job.

NOTE: If you order the DVD please be patient. We are getting a lot of requests, and our DVD burner can only make one copy at a time. We'll do our best to get them all shipped ASAP!