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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast

1 out of 5 eligible voters in Colorado are being illegally purged from the voter roles, and this is happening in many states.


Voice of the Voters! hosted by Mary Ann Gould, with John Gideon

Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12) will discuss his new emergency election reform legislation, focused on 2008.

Information technology consultant Bruce O'Dell and Dr. Steve Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania, will talk about the New Hampshire primary. John Gideon updates the voting news.

Listen to Voice of the Voters weekly at

1 hour Link

Diebold Whistleblower Tells All

In "Hack the Vote," Reporter Carter Evans secured the first-ever exclusive on-camera interview with a former employee of Diebold.


MSNBC News: Shocking coverage of the e-voting machines

6 minutes Link

The Validity of the 2006 Election

Election Day looms, and so do fears --on the left and the right-- that the vote won't be clean. We'll look at old tricks, new technology, and the validity of the vote.

- Sean Greene, Director of Research at ""

- Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Culture and Communication at New York University & author of "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election & Why They'll Steal the Next One Too"

- John Fund, Columnist for The Wall Street Journal & author of "Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy"

- Avi Rubin, Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University & author of the recently-released "Brave New Ballot: The Battle to Safeguard Democracy in the Age of Electronic Voting".

1 hour Link

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the problem with electronic voting machines on Fox's "Your World with Neil Cavuto"

8 minutes Link

Bruce Funk exposes hackable voting machines in Utah

2 hours Link

Mike Papantonio discusses his pending lawsuit against the voting machine companies, with host Mike Malloy

15 minutes Link

Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz interviewed by Mark Johnson on WDEV Radio. Recorded July 2006.

In this recording the VT Sec. of State is asked about the Brennan report that shows the system in use in Vermont is vulnerable to fraud and errors. Her answers are surprising.

44 minutes Link

Investigator Lynn Landes' film covers electronic voting machines and secret vote counting
13 minutes Link
8/7/06 EDA TV

Learn about a dynamic election monitoring project in Riverside County, CA where a group of over 60 concerned citizens evaluated every aspect of their local primary election, catalogued, photographed, and videoed the procedures and then evaluated the election in a detailed report. You will be alarmed at what they found out. We may give portions of this video an "obscene" rating, such as the part where Tom Courbat of the EDA explains how the ballots of absentee voters are removed from their envelopes and entered by hand into the DRE's by the election workers!

5 minutes link
7/31/06 Attorney Paul Lehto on the Ed Schultz show. Lehto has filed a lawsuit in California to contest the election results of the CA-50 race. Voting machines were stored in people's homes, in direct violation of state and federal law. 10 minutes Link
7/06 Documentary Film

Help America Vote On Paper

From the Ecological Options Network, in cooperation with, Mainstreet Moms -, VoteTrustUSA, and

This great documentary can be viewed online for free, or you can order a DVD version.

18 minutes Link
7/22/06 C-SPAN
2006 Harlem Book Fair
Panel Discussion: Assuring Fair Elections

Steve Freeman & Joel Bleifuss, "Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?"
Greg Palast, "Armed Madhouse, the Scheme to Steal '08"

Thanks to

warning - large file 92MB, 1 hour long!
7/06 Court TV

Catherine Crier, News host of CourtTV gives an excellent and scathing report on the electronic voting machines.
10 minutes Part 1
Part 2
  CNN's Lou Dobbs: Democracy at Risk
Lou Dobbs has been covering the electronic voting machine scandal recently and doing a very good job. Each link goes to a segment that aired on a different date. Special thanks to BradBlog.
6/5/06 NPR: Diane Rhem Show

Linda Lamone, adminstrator of elections, State of Maryland

Lawrence Norden, associate counsel, the Brennan Center, NYU School of Law

Michael Shamos, professor, School of Computer Science, co-director, Institute of eCommerce, and director, Universal Library at Carnegie Mellon University

Aviel Rubin, professor, computer science, Johns Hopkins University and author of froth coming book, "Brave New Ballot: The Battle to Safeguard Democracy in hte Age of Electronic Voting"

Congressman Thomas Davis, III, R, Virginia, 11 District, 6th term

Lowell Finley, election law attorney and co-director, Voter Action

1 hr. link
7/9/06 ACTION POINT with Host Cynthia Black

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (taped)
Robert Fitrakis of Free Press (live)
John Brakey of Audit AZ (live)
1 hr. link
5/31/06 Amy Goodman's Democracy Now program discusses the latest discoveries of problems with Diebold machines. Includes interviews with Bruce Funk and David Dill. Read the transcript here. mp3
5/12/06 Investigative reporter Brad Friedman, on Mark Maron's Air America Radio broadcast 13 min mp3
12/23/05 Mark Crispin Miller, author of "Fooled Again" on Air America Radio's Majority Report 18 min / 8MB mp3
2/28/06 Ion Sancho and Brad Friedman discuss the Harri Hursti Hack and the evolving "Diebold Debacle" that started in Florida but has had ripple effects in many states and municipalities across the nation. Inteview was broadcast on Young Turks. 43 min / 8MB mp3
2/28/06 Lowell Finley and Brad Friedman discuss the lawsuit against CA Secretary of State McPherson, regarding the illegal certification of Diebold voting machines. Inteview was broadcast on Young Turks. 37 min / 8MB mp3
2/28/06 Kay Brown, representative from the Democratic Party of Alaska and Brad Friedman discuss the situation there, where election officials will not release election results to the Democratic Party. Inteview was broadcast on Young Turks. 22 min / 5MB mp3
03/31/06 Debra Bowen, candidate for CA Secretary of State, and host Al Franken of Air America Radio discuss the controversy with Diebold voting machines in California. 14 min / 5MB mp3
03/21/06 Voting Rights activst Dan Ashby discusses with Willie Brown, the controversy in California with the Diebold voting machines. 7 min / 3MB mp3
10/05 National Summit to Save Our Elections: Extensive archive of plenary sessions and panel discussions, courtesy of KPFT radio. lots Link
03/24/06 Brad Friedman with Humboldt County, CA registrar Cynthia Crnich, a defendant in the recent lawsuit against CA Sec. of State Bruce McPherson. Aired on Peter B. Collins Show (discussion concerns hackable Diebold optical scans and where they are stored the night before the election). 13 min mp3
3/31/06 Brad Friedman hosts the Peter Collins show and does an excellent roundup of several evolving Election Reform news stories. 40 min mp3
7/16/05 Thom Hartmann on Elections: The Corporate takeover of America's elections, Portland OR n/a mp3
7/16/05 Paul Lehto on Elections: The Corporate takeover of America's elections, Portland OR n/a mp3
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