Collection of illegal voter suppression flyers sent out by the Republican Party

October 28, 2004

All across the country, the Republicans are sending out flyers with false information on them, to either discourage people from voting, or to send them to the wrong voting precinct. Because they are all so similar, this could only be a coordinated effort.

I'm not going to comment on why this is wrong. It's just plain to see, and it's ILLEGAL. In most cases it is a felony to do anything like this.

I would like you to take a look for yourself, with your own eyes.

Here are three images of actual flyers that have been sent.

This is an outrage. We must not let this go without an investigation. It's obvious where these are coming from. The persons and organizations must be brought to justice. This will only happen if everyone becomes aware and demands an investigation. Please pass this on to everyone you know and don't let this story fade away. Write to your representatives and demand an investigation, especially if you live in the states where these examples are being sent out.

This one was sent out Democrats in Ohio and it tells people that if you were registered by the NAACP, or the Democratic party, that you are ineligible to vote in the election:

Notice it says if you have any questions, to call the Lake County sherrif's office. Perhaps we should all do that.

This one was sent out in Wisconsin. It says that if anyone in your family has ever been convicted of a traffic violation, you can't vote. It says, if you try to vote, you children will be taken away from you and you can get 10 years in prsion:

This one is in South Carolina. It says that if you have a traffic violation of $50 or more, have not submitted a credit report, or if you are negligent in child support payments, you can't vote. It also says that you have to have 2 forms of photo ID, a social security card, a voter registration card, and a handwriting sample in order to vote (none of this is correct):

This one is from Franklin Cnty, Ohio. Matt Damschroder, director of the Franklin County (Columbus area) Board of Elections held a news conference Monday 11/1 to announce that parts of the county had indeed been victimized by people distributing the following flyer:

Note: The voter suppression flyers "stink" of Karl Rove. He is President Bush's senior political advisor and the "mastermind" behind his election tactics. Thoughout his political career he has been known for doing things like this in elections. One time he snuck into his opponent's office, stole some paper with their letterhead on it. He then wrote fake letters, as if written from his opponent, and sent out thousands of copies. Now it appears he is doing the same thing again. For more information on Karl Rove and his history of shenanigans during elections, please see the movie Bush's Brain. After just watching a few minutes of this movie, it will become clear that Rove is behind almost everything suspicious in the 2004 election, including the voter suppression and the electronic voting machines.