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Electronic Voting:
A threat to our democracy

a free CD-ROM

if you have an old version you are encouraged to upgrade

To see a "mirror" of what the CD will look like, you can click the link below. The page you see will automatically load when you insert the CD into your CDROM drive. The videos and documents will not be available when you view the mirror online; they will be dead links. To get the videos and documents you'll need to get the (free) CD:

This CD is FREE. People are encouraged to make as many copies as possible. The primary way the CD will be distributed is by people making copies on their own computer. If you receive a copy from a friend or associate, please make more copies and pass them on.

If you need a source copy to start with, here are a few ways to get a free copy:
  • NEW!! Download the CD-ROM for free! You can now download the entire contents of the CD-ROM and burn it on to any blank CD! You will download a single large .ISO file Any CD burning program can burn from an ISO file. Please note it is a very large file and you should not attempt this without a highspeed connection.

  • Purchase anything in our online store and request the FREE CD in the comment field.

  • If you can't download the free copy, you can order one by mail, with a small charge to cover the cost of the blank CD, label, packaging and shipping. Click here to pay the $2.50 to cover these costs and receive a copy in the mail. Please note, we can only send one copy per person, as we are basically losing money on this. So we ask, if you want more than one copy, please order just one and then make more copies of it.

  • You can also obtatin the ISO file through filesharing "bit torrent" technology. Click here for download instructions and info.

For more information on election justice, see the Solar Bus Election Justice Center


I pledge to have a viewing night for friends and family AND to burn copies and encourage wide distribution of this valuable information. Thank you so much for your work!

- P.M., Delaware

I PROMISE that, if given the honor of receiving the CD, I would distribute copies far and wide. I am the Chief Election Inspector for our municipality, and I'm involved in the early testing of our statewide voter registration

-K.R., Wisconsin