Take a tour of the Solar Bus


Hop on the Solar Bus and come for a ride! Once you climb on board there's no turning back. Here you can learn about solar energy, stay informed on recent issues with our blog, or just kick back and look at some cool photos of where we've been.

The Solar Bus is a 1982 Crown Supercoach that was a school bus in California until 2003, when the transformation began. We yanked out the seats, put some solar panels on the roof, began running it on biodiesel, gave it a paint job, and started driving around showing and teaching people about the real uses of renewable energy.

The Solar Bus goes to festivals, parties, schools, and other places where people have an opportunity to see our many displays of renewable energy technology.

On board is a large battery bank that is charged by the solar panels on the roof. The solar energy is available to power concerts, public speaking events, movies, and nearly anything that requires electricity. We also have dozens of solar powered displays, and even a bicycle generator that shows how much power a person can generate by pedaling. When we're not on the road, the website is our virtual home, and a place where people can "hop on board" the Solar Bus any time, from anywhere. Welcome!